WAVE MASTER 70X50X4CM , Mixmedia, Oil & Acrylic colors, 2018

The imagery of someone cutting through the veil of illusion with sharp intuitive vision and surfing on top of the waves of transformation paints a picture of a powerful and unshakeable individual. This description suggests that this person possesses a deep understanding of reality, retaining control over the unfolding events and adapting seamlessly to changes. The phrase “he can not fail” hints at an aura of invincibility and confidence, indicating that this individual is not only riding the wave of transformation but also leading the way with unwavering certainty and mastery.

REVIVAL OF THE COSMIC MIND 100X70X4CM , Mixmedia, Oil & Acrylic colors, 2022

The visualization of Goddess Isis perched upon a Giant Turtle, utilizing her wings to activate the cosmic mind and energy flow around her, is imbued with rich symbolism and spiritual significance. This portrayal captures the essence of renewal, abundance, and transformation as Isis catalyzes the revitalization of stagnant energies, bringing about a profound sense of life and prosperity to the world around her. The imagery evokes a sense of power, balance, and interconnectedness with the cosmos, illustrating the eternal cycle of creation and growth that permeates all existence.

UNSTOPPABLE 100X50X4CM , Acrylic colors on a rounded canvas, 2023

The embracement of our own spiritual journey with grace and surrender. Flowing through clear waters and being at peace with God/Cosmos/Love symbolizes a sense of harmony, trust, and divine guidance. It conveys a message of resilience, faith, and readiness for the unknown future that lies ahead.

LEGENDARY CRYSTAL SUN 30X30X4CM , Mixmedia, Oil & Acrylic colors, 2017

A powerful and radiant source of light and energy, imbued with mystical and ancient significance. It evokes a sense of awe and wonder, portraying a symbol of clarity, strength, and vitality that shines brightly and transcends time and space. This mythical motif represents a beacon of hope, inspiration, and possibility, casting its brilliance across the imagination with a sense of eternal beauty and wisdom. 

RAINBOW MOTHER 50X70X4CM , Mixmedia, Oil & Acrylic colors, 2018

The mention of the Kundalini fire rising through the seven major chakras, guided by the Rainbow Mother, signifies a profound spiritual awakening and transformation. This symbolizes the process of clearing out old energies and blockages within each chakra to pave the way for new visions, opportunities, and potentials. The imagery of the Rainbow Mother suggests nurturing and divine guidance, leading one towards a path of enlightenment, renewal, and embracing the full spectrum of experiences and possibilities that life has to offer.