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motivational art
Structural Mixmedia
Oil & Acrylic Colors
Year 2021

“The depiction of a figure as limitless, beautiful, and powerful, surrounded by heavenly birds as she descends, symbolizes a transcendent force bringing the flame of transformation into the core of all things. This imagery evokes a sense of divine grace, spiritual awakening, and the profound impact of change and renewal that permeates throughout existence. The convergence of beauty, power, and transcendence in this scene embodies the essence of transformation, enlightenment, and the boundless capacity for growth and evolution in all aspects of life. “

This artwork is available for purchase at our Art Gallery in Opatija, or it can be shipped worldwide. Whether you're local or across the globe, you can enjoy and own this piece of art without limitations. Contact us for more information on how to acquire this unique & extraordinary artwork.