Mandala Art Visionary Art Spiritual Art Iconic Art MYSTICAL ARTIST Texture Art

Structural Mixmedia
Oil & Acrylic Colors
Year 2023

“The endless attraction between two entities/polarities leading to the birth of something beautiful, pure, and miraculous symbolizes the merging of opposing forces to create a new life filled with pure and unconditional love. This evokes a powerful imagery of harmony, balance, and transformation, highlighting the potential for unexpected and wondrous outcomes when love and unity prevail over differences and divisions. The concept of a life born out of such profound connection emphasizes the transformative and uplifting nature of love as a unifying and creative force in the universe. “

This artwork is available for purchase at our Art Gallery in Opatija, or it can be shipped worldwide. Whether you're local or across the globe, you can enjoy and own this piece of art without limitations. Contact us for more information on how to acquire this unique & extraordinary artwork.