Mandala Art Visionary Art Spiritual Art Iconic Art Mystical Arts Texture Art

mystical art
Structural Mixmedia
Oil & Acrylic Colors
Year 2023
This artwork is available for purchase at our Art Gallery in Opatija, or it can be shipped worldwide. Whether you're local or across the globe, you can enjoy and own this piece of art without limitations. Contact us for more information on how to acquire this unique & extraordinary artwork.

“The imagery of the golden eagle soaring into the highest expanses of the sky, symbolizing vision, perspective, and understanding, reflects a profound connection with the eagle’s ability to attain a comprehensive view of the earthly situation from above. The mandala, designed with warm colors and an eagle feather pattern, enhances the theme of wisdom, strength, and clarity associated with the majestic bird. The swirling energy patterns within the palm of the left hand signify the inseparable bond between the eagle and its divine source, embodying a sense of spiritual connection, guidance, and protection. Together, these elements evoke a holistic representation of insight, guidance, and the harmonious interplay between earthly existence and divine influence. “